Waiting is an activity…

In 2011, I wrote a blog about my experiences in Malawi. One was called “Waiting is an activity”. I worked as a consultant at the MicroLoan Foundation for a few weeks. Colleagues had to go to the local bank regularly (“old fashioned” cash transactions) and there were always enourmous queues… I couldn’t stand it… Even just seeing it. So annoying. Luckily I never had to go. When asking colleagues how they cope with it and whether it is not deadly boring, they looked surprised. “Waiting is an activity” was their reply. It’s part of the job. And when having to wait a for long time, it means you have a very busy day.


Standing in line

Standing in line

Just now, I read about this business case of “professional line sitters”. It is a job indeed! There is value in waiting; you can earn your income by getting paid for waiting. Time is money… Obviously.


Business Insider

Vote, vote, vote please!

Andre and Matabishi

On behalf of Andre and Matabishi: “Vote!”

New on the Virunga blog! Read all about our involvement in Google’s #ImpactChallenge 2014, and why you should vote for our project: http://virunga.org/news/virunga-national-park-one-of-10-google-impact-challenge-finalists/

You can cast your vote directly at: https://impactchallenge.withgoogle.com/uk2014/charity/virunga

It only takes 2 mouse clicks! Please spread the word! Thank you so much for your support.

On behalf of the rangers: "Vote!"

On behalf of the rangers: “Vote!”

Google Impact Challenge! Please vote Virunga!

Google Impact Challenge 1


Google Impact Challenge 2



We’re so excited that Virunga National Park’s mobile tracking project has been selected as a finalist in the Google ‪#‎ImpactChallenge!

Public voting opens now at: https://impactchallenge.withgoogle.com/uk2014/charity/virunga


Please read more about Virunga’s proposal:

Virunga Foundation: Crowdsourcing platform to help protect wildlife and communities in the DRC

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Magnificent Virunga

Recently I gave several talks on Virunga National Park (some as an introduction to private screenings of the “Virunga” documentary) and I thought that a compilation of these texts could be interesting for the blog as well:


“Virunga” is a kind of “magic”, especially for the people who have been there or who know somewhat more about the place. Virunga grabs you, holds you. It is overwhelming. The natural beauty is just stunning. Everything is above any imagination in Virunga. That is true for the very best as, unfortunately, also for the very worst you can imagine. This wonderful region “East Congo” has been a troubled place since long.

Mountains of the Moon

Mountains of the Moon (photo by CTW)


This is a picture of the North of the Virunga National Park. Such mountains with glaciers and snow were probably not the first images you expected when thinking about this Park in Central Africa.

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Chukudu makes it to Frankfurter Allgemeine

Das Tschukudu

Das Tschukudu

The chukudu, a wooden bike-like mean of transport in East Congo and the motor of the local economy, is presented in the Frankfurter Allgemeine dd. 6JULY2014:


Ever since I’ve seen the chukudu, I was intrigued by it. It is indeed “unglaublich was da drauf passt” (or “incredible what fits on it”). I’m even the proud owner of a chukudu and I got some driving lessons back in 2011. And Einstein is right: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Chukudu driving lesson

Chukudu driving lesson