To be(e) or not to be(e)


I started a beekeeper course at the Landwirtschaftsschule in Imst (the agricultural school in Tyrol, Austria) and a new world opens up! The bees are incredibly interesting and inspiring! We don’t just learn a lot of them, but we can learn a lot from them.




Great is the following statement of the Austrian bee expert Karl von Frisch (Nobel Prize winner 1973):

“Der Bienenstaat gleicht einem Zauberbrunnen;

je mehr man daraus schöpft, desto reicher fließt er.”


Which translates in English:

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Conservation Finance


Report Conservation Finance

Report Conservation Finance

This week a new report on conservation finance came out:


“Conservation Finance. From Niche to Mainstream: The Building of an Institutional Asset Class”


Please find the report via this link:


Sustainable farmland, healthy forests, clean water, and abundant habitat stand to become more valuable as the global population climbs to nine billion by 2050. Already, pioneering investors have put together financial solutions that combine real assets, such as tropical forests, with cash flows from operations in fields such as sustainable timber, agriculture, and ecotourism. Conservation finance, as this field is known, represents an undeveloped, but emerging private sector investment opportunity of major proportion.

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Food for Thought…


These cartoons pinpoint some actual issues…


Food for thought…


Evolution of Man by Dan Piraro



= As an aside, please find an interesting interview with cartoonist Dan Piraro here. =




… and thought for food…

Bizarre Evolution

Bizarre Evolution









A recent video of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the UN shows more serious details around these themes. Worth the watch:

FAO on Farming