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“Be” by Bahriye Goren-Gulek (2016)

Very proud to announce that recently the first book of my good friend Bahriye Goren-Gulek came out! With the intriguing title “Be”.

Bahriye is a successful brand strategy expert with global experience and university lecturer.

“The core premise of the book is geared around the idea that inspiring leaders are not only successful because of what they do. It is primarily because of who they are. A certain sense of being that comes with deeper levels of awareness, which turns ordinary people into inspiring leaders. Whether you are a CEO, a director, a student, a parent, or merely someone who wants to inspire and make a positive difference in the world, reaching deeper levels of awareness is what will help you make that difference.”


The book describes several concepts to reach impactful awareness. One of the (surprising) concepts is “Insanity”. I was pleased when Bahriye asked me to contribute to this chapter and to share some of my (insane) experiences and gained expertise. Please note that “insanity” is not like a mental disorder following Bahriye’s definition, but rather “being different from the norm”.


One of the questions in the case study was about being “insane” or “non-conforming”. My counter question was What is the norm and why?” Where do norms come from? When are which norms applied? And, again, why? By asking such questions, you will see that “norms” and “normal” are not that straightforward. Normal is an illusion…:

Normal is an illusion

So, “… why is it perceived to be insane to not comply to (arbitrary) norms? Is it because of the majority? The majority, however, doesn’t make anything true, right, or good!”

(the so called argumentum ad populum)

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