First inspiration and preparation

It all started with a great Bee Keeping Course at the Agricultural School in Imst, Tyrol, last year (2016). The course is pretty extensive; it took quite some time, but therefore you learn a lot. From experienced lecturers. It was a nice crowd all together with the participants as well. I can highly recommend this course!

Basically, my love for bees started earlier in live…! During my first years in live. With Maja. She has been an inspiration!


“Je suis Charlie” anno 2017

It is May 2017 and I find myself on a family holiday in the South of France. Going to cute villages and local markets. Enjoying walks and swims. Wining and dining. Sun, sea and beach. And above all a lot of reading!


Next to the books I bring along with me during trips, I always love to read national media in the countries I visit and where I know the language. Charlie Hebdo it is this time.


La belle France! New president starts, Charlie Hebdo continues, the sun shines and I absorb it all on the Mediterranean beach. Interesting world we live in. Who still states “Je suis Charlie” these days? Well, we have Manchester just now. Horrible events, no doubt, but being hyped in the media. Who really knows what is going on, who really acts subsequently and consequently?