Dress for Success (i)

Exactly what the bees and I needed for our fruitful cooperation! A decent English suit. Dress for Success! With BJ Sherriff. Just love the turquoise.


BJ Sherriff has been a leading bee keeping clothing and accessories company since 1968. A true, dedicated, pioneering family business. A great example of “caring, daring and sharing”. As BJ Sherriff states:

All our beekeeper clothing is responsibly designed, manufactured solely by family owned B J Sherriff in England using ethically sourced materials and components.

The proof of the honey is in the eating… Soon you will see the turquoise suit in action!

Interested? Check BJ Sherriffs website: https://www.bjsherriff.co.uk/

Or contact them via: +44 (0)1872 863304 or