Honey Harvest

A lot of bees, a lot of work, a lot of challenges, a lot of fun, a lot to learn, a lot of honey. WOW. It is like a wonder. It is amazing. What these little workers achieved! I feel honoured to be part of their team. They have so much to give.


They give so much in terms of life lessons. How they cooperate, communicate, coordinate, build, fly, find their ways, eat, save, clean, regulate temparature, organise their society (top-down and bottom-up).


And now they “give” all this honey as well (well, I basically “stole” it). I did leave quite some honey in the bee hyves as they need (in my opinion) their own, but nevertheless they provided about 70 kilograms. I put it in jars of 250, 500 and 1000 grams and I get to use the new labels. Now it not only TASTES GREAT, but looks okay too.

A true gift of nature. Gotta love it.

In case anyone is interested or has any questions, please send me a message. The prices are in line with the Tiroler Bienenladen (Tyrolean Bee Shop): http://www.tirolerbienenladen.at/