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Theme of the day: ABUNDANCE

TED talks are all about “ideas worth sharing”. Or as the moderator of this TED conference in Leiden, Joep Stasse, said: “sharing ideas from the stomach, the heart and the mind”. It was a very inspiring day! It made us realise once again that we live in an abundant world indeed.


Some key take aways:


* Conservation is not charity. Conservation is business. Restoration industry.

Restoration brings 4 returns:

  1. Inspirational capital
  2. Social capital
  3. Natural capital
  4. Financial capital

(Willem Ferwerda)


* People won’t pick up waste, but will pick up money. Plastic bottle deposits reduce waste: return rate is 25% if there is no deposit on a bottle and 98% with a deposit.

(Lianne Kooistra)


* Dare to ask! It is a way to help others giving a gift; to find a destination for their abundance. People are willing to share. The wish to share is often bigger than the need to possess.

(Juul Martin)


* 7 out of 10 people will fall ill sooner than they think because of their lifestyle. 1 out of 2 people suffer from either:

– cardiovascular diseases

– overweight, or

– burn outs

Being healthy is about being happy without a reason, capable of what you want/ need to do.

It is about choosing or losing. If you want, you can make the turn and become the best version of you!

(Peter Kuijper:)


* I’m a loser?! Don’t be afraid of failing!

(Marius Smit)


* “Look at what you’ve always looked at …

To see what you have never seen”.

(Bruno van den Elshout)


* National heritage should be much more visible. See it, live it. Not just about museums. Everybody is a curator!

(Erik Schilp)


Link to an earlier talk on the subject “ABUNDANCE”:


Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis