Dare to jump!

Dare to jump!

The reference “Value@Venture” may need some explanation, so please allow me to clarify:


  • “Value” – the term “value” is often seen as plain material/ financial value, but true value has much more to it. I see it from a moral perspective too. Values & norms are important. Adam Smith (the famous economist with his market theory “led by the invisible hand”), for example, not only wrote about the “Wealth of Nations”, but also about “Moral Sentiments”. Humans are value driven animals in the broadest sense of the word.


  • (“@” – AT, the abbreviation of my current home country Austria.)


  • “Venture” – to make or embark upon a venture; dare to enter or go. Courage is needed in life. Courage makes things happen. And courageous capital is needed for valuable impact and sustainable results.


  • “Value@” – refers to “added value”. A common term in economics. Known as making a value proposition; i.e. the process of increasing the (perceived) value of a product in the product chain or in the eyes of buyers/ consumers.


  • “@Venture” – Adventure! Speaks for itself 🙂 Or, the term “at a venture” means “according to chance; ad random”. Nothing is certain, we can not really plan or predict. We need to be open to surprises. And “black swans”. And “stampeding black elephants”. Continue to wonder, to explore and appreciate the (inherent) value of things.


  • Value Venture – Try to apply values in different ventures and venture new values and perspectives. Do good and do well!



Value@Venture – Care, Dare, Share!