Bonus, the new member of the bloodhound gang



At the moment, Rumangabo hosts four female bloodhounds, one male Bloodhound and two male Springer Spaniels.

The dogs (all pure bred) are supplied by official breeders and trained on the ground by expert dog trainers. The key skills of the bloodhounds are trailing missing people, poachers, criminals et cetera. The search trained English Springer spaniels are able to find (part of) fire arms and ivory.

Next to the daily training, the dogs receive each two months and intensive two-week training. The dog team comprises of eleven colleagues. Christian is the head of the dog section (chef de section canine) cooperating with five rangers (each dedicated to a dog) and a head of dog defence with some rangers. Christian went several times to courses of the Swiss National Bloodhound Association Switzerland in Davos and Lago Maggiore. Also the rangers Gracien and Cedric received special coaching in Europe to handle the dogs. Marlene Zahner is a Swiss veteranian doctor and the master brain behind this programme.

Three of the Bloodhounds (Dodie, Lila and Sabrina) have lived in Rumangabo since 2011 and the fourth female Bloodhound (Furaha, meaning Joy in Swahili) arrived together with the two Springer Spaniels (Bobby and Tumaini, meaning Hope in Swahili) early February 2014. They came from Switzerland and England via Amsterdam. One can imagine the hassle to get all the documents and logistics right to travel with three dogs. Luckily it all went well. And what happened then, within 24 hours after arrival in Rumangabo? Furaha gets one puppy! Totally unexpected. A boy. A Bonus! And that is his name now. [INSERT PHOTOS]

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