Sweet honey bee logo

In the anticipation of some honey, I asked Ladiebirdy Graphic Design in London* to make a logo for the pots:

Engls Honig

“Angels Honey”

“Engls Honig” means “Angels Honey”. For sure it will have a heavenly taste! Not really made by angels, but equally fine by hardworking Carnica honey bees in Tyrol. Nickname “Arlberger Hochgebirgssportbienen”. And Engl refers actually to the previous beekeeper in the bee house I use. His name was Engelbert.

Next to the logo, we developed a bee dance picture. The bee dance is an intruiging way how bees communicate and orientate! The “Arlberger Hochgebirgssportbienen” know their ways around! For example into the Malfon Valley with great “Alpenrosen”.

Bee dance

Bee dance





*”With a joint love of animals and fun designs, Maria Cox runs the quirky Ladiebirdy company from her studio in West London. She sells her products from her online store, wholesale stockists and at handmade fairs, as well as a full time stall at Londons’ Spitalfields Market. If you’re interested in commissioning any work or have any wholesale enquiries, please get in touch now at .”